April 26, 2012

C# with Windows User Login

WindowsIdentity identity = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent();

April 01, 2012

How to get nearest place within radius 10km?

I accidentally got this question in mind and I wanted to know how to get any nearest places within the radius 10Km.

WCF doesn't support overloading method?

Actually, in the service file we can create the overloading methods but when we generate the code through proxy server to XML SOAP format text, in SOAP it doesn't allow to have the same method name since it's xml format text, so we cannot use overloading method with WCF.

Decode ViewState

// Do not store any critical information in view state.
// Ex. ViewState["password"]= Login.Password
// Because we can decode it with the syntax bellow.
// str is the encoded viewstate get from the view page source